Art and The Gardener: Fine Painting as Inspiration for Garden Design
Gibbs Smith Publishing, 2008.

This is a book about conscious seeing, about paying attention to what we see in art and gardens. In this, my tenth book on garden design, IÕm taking a very different approach from that of my earlier design books. Time and again I have found that looking at a painting with intent, and giving the painting my time, I center my thinking while also opening up all kinds of creativity. In this book, I explore the visual language shared between the painter and the garden designer in hopes that the many remarkable crosscurrents will help reveal how to use your eyes more effectively when it comes to appreciating art and seeing gardens.

Throughout the book, I place a painting on one page and a garden image on the facing page. The text below each image explores the elements of design that are shared across the two images: line, form, balance, light and shade, positive and negative space.... The structure of the book comes from the stages of initiating and then seeing a garden design through to the end.

Table of contents:
Step 1 Choose your style
Step 2 Establish the relationship between house and garden
Step 3 Establish the overall composition
Step 4 Design principles such as straight vs. curving paths; related curves; light and shade;
          focal points; contrasting textures and colors, entrances and thresholds
Step 5 The role of trees in the garden
Step 6 Color harmony and contrast
Step 7 Bringing it all together