T H E   I N T I M A T E   G A R D E N :
Twenty Years and Four Seasons in Our Garden (W.W. Norton,2005)

In this lecture, based on Gordon and Mary Haywards’ book THE INTIMATE GARDEN, Hayward uses his own gardens, and the personal story behind them, to explore what he has learned about garden design after 25 years of trial and error. Knowing that you attend lectures to get ideas for your own garden, Hayward uses their one and one-half acre Vermont garden and their tiny garden outside their cottage in the Cotswold Hills of England, to help you see how to put universal design principles to work in your garden. For example, he’ll explore how to use plants to define the passage of the seasons; the importance of a garden entrance and a clear itinerary leading from it; making transitions between garden areas; how plants help choose their neighbors; sitting areas with varying moods; placing ornaments with personal associations. The lecture is illustrated with forty pairs of slides taken across the entire 2003 calendar year by Richard Brown to show how a garden can be made to look terrific 12 months of the year.

ABOVE: In the Haywards’ Garden.