T H E   U S E S   O F   S T O N E   I N   T H E   G A R D E N

Stone furnishes the framework, the structure, and the sense of permanence that transforms gardens. Whether in the form of retaining or free-standing walls, terraces or walkways, as bold standing stones or as boulders at the edge of a small stream, stone lends a garden focus, providing the perfect foil to plants. In this slide-illustrated lecture that grows out of his new book STONE IN THE GARDEN (WW Norton, New York, 2001), garden designer Gordon Hayward will talk about the many creative as well as practical roles stones can play to give a garden a feeling of timelessness, structure, and solidity. He will cover both the aesthetics of stone, as well as the practical concerns about the proper way to lay and set stone in the garden. Some of the topics he will address include stone underfoot, standing stones, walls, stone garden ornaments and their placement as well as the interaction of stone and water.

ABOVE: A garden in Southern New Hampshire.