Y O U R   H O U S E,   Y O U R   G A R D E N
A Foolproof Approach to Good Garden Design.

The idea that your house is the center of your garden is not just an aesthetic notion, but also a practical tool. In this one-hour lecture illustrated by 80 pairs of slides, Hayward shows how your house can help you design front, side and back gardens, as well as gardens between buildings, gardens in an ell or courtyard, or gardens centered around outbuildings. Your house, with its doors, windows, materials, style, dimensions and proportions, offers no end of clues to help you develop good gardens around it. Doors give rise to paths, terraces and sight-lines; windows frame views of those paths and gardens. Initial design ideas from the house then join up with those generated by outbuildings and other built structures–an existing terrace or deck, a gazebo or pergola, a garage, even driveway edges–to help you create a coherent landscape plan that seamlessly links house to garden. Hayward also provides ideas for dealing with the visual problems that center around air-conditioning units, cellar door bulkheads, electrical meter boxes, propane tanks, wellheads and others. This lecture comes out of Hayward’s fifth book, YOUR HOUSE YOUR GARDEN, published by WW Norton, Spring, 2003.

ABOVE: My design for the Dunbar garden acknowledges the lines and style of their house in southern Vermont.