The houses are built on a series of terraces that step down the east facing slope of a hillside to the stream at the bottom. This terracing lends an ever so slightly European flair to the place, as little alleyways and steps disappear between closely knit houses.
   Blockley has a long and rich history. Its earliest inhabitants can be traced back the Romans in 45 AD. The first reference to the village name appeared in a charter from 855 AD wherein Burgred, the Mercian king, bequeathed the “minster which is called Bloccanleeh to his faithful bishop and friend Ealhun.”
   At the other end of the village from Courtyard House, High Street ends as a footpath into the woods, so through-traffic is routed around the village center. It is a very quiet yet living village, not overrun with antique and gift shops. There’s The Grocery, the Post Office, the Crown Inn Pub, and a new gourmet food shop that just opened across the street from the cottage. They sell fine cheeses from across Europe, coffees, wines, and other gourmet foods, as well as fabulous breakfast pastries.