G O R D O N   H A Y W A R D
Gordon has been designing gardens professionally from his home in southern Vermont since 1985 with particular emphasis on gardens in the Northeast, as well as the Eastern Shore of Maryland, though he does work nationwide.
   He is also a nationally recognized garden writer and lecturer. He wrote for Horticulture Magazine for 25 years and lectured with the magazine on nine multi-city lecture tours across America.
   He was a contributing editor at Fine Gardening Magazine for six years and a contributing editor at the newly revamped Organic Gardening Magazine. He is the author of eleven books on garden design, two of which have won national awards.
   Hayward and his wife Mary have been developing a 1 1/2 acre garden around their 240-year-old farmhouse in southern Vermont for the past twenty-nine years. Since 1995, they have also been developing a small garden outside their cottage in the village of Blockley in the North Cotswold Hills of England where Mary is from. They have led sixteen tours for garden clubs to southern England.

LEFT: Gordon Hayward. RIGHT: In the Hayward Garden.